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  • #32 On Solitude With Children, and How Trying to End Solitude is Hard May 30, 2017
    I worry I might dirty them if I get too close So my relationship with my husband predates Tinder. We’re both very glad about this. When we see references to Tinder culture on TV, or hear about it from our unmarried friends, we think how much harder it must be - how much thicker skin you’d […]
  • #31: On Returning To Work After Having Children February 24, 2017
    Bleh! Bleh! Bleh! Your phone alarm sounds. It doesn’t matter what pleasant tune you have changed it to in order to be less unpleasant, it always sounds the same: shrill, bossy, accusing.  And it always produces in you the same bodily response: a feeling of heaviness - the result of sleep deficit, hangover or both […]
  • #30 On Saying The Things You'd Said You'd Never Say, To Children February 9, 2017
    I became a teacher seven years before becoming a mum. Like many of my teacher-turned-mum friends, I have seen how the former helped prepare me for the latter as there are so many many parallels between the two roles: never really switching off, thinking on your feet, having to cram thirty tasks into a one-hour […]
  • #29 On Trying to Have a Home That's Not a Total Sh*thole, With Children January 20, 2017
    It’s funny, tidying, isn’t it. Like the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge, it is a Sisyphean task, started all over again the moment we have finished it and so never really finished at all. Yet unlike the Golden Gate Bridge, you see, where the painters get to stop every so often to eat a […]
  • #28 On Being Drunk and/or Hungover With Children. Especially at Christmas. January 6, 2017
    Tots, tinsel and Aldi. Pretty much sums my Xmas up.  Oh, and the boozing.Drinking, drinking, drinking. God, it’s great. Every time I do it, for the first few drinks I think ‘why don’t I do this more often? Why do I deny myself this so regularly?’ I’m cleverer and funnier. You’re cleverer and funnier. Everyone […]
  • #27 On Taking Shortcuts With Children January 6, 2017
    This may have been a bad idea'There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.' (Anon/gazillions of parents and teachers)'Laziness breeds efficiency.' (My husband) ‘I think this shortcut may have been a bad idea.’ (Me)Shortcuts, corner-cutting, killing two birds with one stone; call it what you want, in childhood we are taught that it’s lazy and […]
  • #26 On Moving House With Children November 23, 2016
    Be careful what you wish for Sorry I've been under for a while. We've been moving house. With our two kids. And I've known for some time that people usually put moving house up there with divorce and bereavement in terms of 'stressful times in our life that we don't like', but it's only recently […]
  • #25 On Kids and Screen Time October 16, 2016
    Enlightening..To clarify: we don't have a TV. Now before you go making judgments about us, thinking that we believe ourselves too lofty or literary to own such a thing, think again: we binge Netflix (on our projector) as much as anyone and our son likewise likes to binge the iPad....Which is really the problem (with our […]
  • #24 On Having Multiple Children (or at least two) September 30, 2016
    Ever the entertainer I’ve got this kid thing down. Sleep? Routines? Pacifying? Sorted. As it stands, I now have pretty much a 100% hit rate with all of my strategies and I don’t see that changing...Or so I stupidly thought when I had just one child. Pregnant with my second, I mused over how it […]
  • #23 On Children's Birthday Parties September 21, 2016
    So wouldn’t you know it, November the fifth is rolling around soon which can only mean one thing. Correct: it’ll be the day before my son’s third birthday party. Significant why? Well because we’ll be frantically preparing for it unlike most of his peers’ birthdays - many of which are happening most weekends at the […]